♥ Ru on Monday, June 20, 2011

Orchard Central - Roof Garden

Apart from the tall shopping centre, which is almost all that I could remember about Orchard Central, its roof garden is certainly a memorable one as well :) Went there to take a look the previous weekend and it's truly nice looking. The only down side is that, there's no seats or whatever, just pathways that we can walk. Visitors caught sitting down along the pavement will get chased out of the way by the strict security. But still, you should drop by to take a look at the nice garden at least once. :)
The Stairs, The Clouds & The Sky
Orchard Central – Roof Garden

I've noticed that in the middle of the building, we noticed some flea market like stall owners that seems to be swapping flies. With such little crowd, I wonder how the tenants survive. Perhaps not so much about the restaurants due to the nature of the business but rather those shopping stores had such little crowd / visitors.

Basically, the shopping mall had just so many floors that not many people actually goes all the way up or to walk around the entire building. My guess as to why the building had so little crowd despite me visiting on a weekend is that probably the building is too tall, the crowd was dispersed by the number of floors it has. If only the building had a better theme or perhaps a better niche market, perhaps that place can do well. Just some suggestions...