♥ Ru on Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dolly Kitchen @ Shanghai Dolly's Nice Porridge

Have you ever experience the feeling of having the entire restaurant just to yourself? Most importantly, the food is nice and the service is great! This meal from what you can see, cost about $15.90. And we've got the entire restaurant to ourselves for 75% of the time. The last 25% is due to me eating too slowly and another group of customers dropped by.

We reached the place at about 8pm and the place was empty, I couldn't believe my eyes. Then we started ordering the porridge as that's the only food around that I can eat anyway. Hence, we've decided to just give it a try...

My Share of the Food, in fact, mainly the egg and porridge
of course, and the soaked you tiao
The food was pretty good, not sure if it's due to me not having a lot of food variety recently. But the place is pretty well decorated and peaceful. Unlike the noisy ground floor where there's lots of pubs and "chiong" places, this restaurant is exceptionally quiet, with just some music and few guests.

For me, I'd probably drop by for dinner again when I had the chance next time so that I get to try out the other dishes as well. :D After all, the atmosphere is nice and I love the porridge.

Dolly Kitchen @ Shanghai Dolly is located at Blk B Clarke Quay, 3 River Valley Rd. #01-01 (Level 2), Singapore 179031 Tel: +65 6336 7676

Recommended time of visit, before 9pm Sunday.