♥ Ru on Sunday, July 3, 2011

Häagen Dazs - Summer Romance

Tried the Summer Romance Smoothie at Häagen Dazs Esplanade branch last weekend. It consists of Raspberry & Summer Berries Smoothie, and Mango & Apricot Smoothie with 2 Sorbet scoops. I think the flavor of the 2 Sorbet scoops should be raspberry and peach. The smoothies are pretty nice, I like the Mango & Apricot one more, and perhaps the Summer Berries part of the other smoothie.

After all, I had a sweet tooth, I love sweet stuff more than sour stuff so the raspberry part of the smoothie is nice if taken together with the strawberry like taste part of it. :) As for the 2 Sorbet scoops, I'd prefer the peach scope as the raspberry scope is so sour that we only ate 2 bites of it and left the rest on the plate. It merely reminds me of something my good friend, Deb would love eating.

As usual, that branch is always quite and peaceful with very little crowd. I'm still wondering how they actually survived. There's 2 thing I'd recommend:
  1. Try out the smoothie as it's nice but if possible without the sorbet scoops.
  2. Visit the nice, cosy and peaceful branch at Esplanade if you'd love to enjoy the food and without the crowd and almost always get a seat.
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