♥ Ru on Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happening Week after the Tooth Extraction!

Life is super exciting this week! The most happening part is certainly my unforgettable experience of the gum bleeding due to some unknown mishap outcomes from the tooth extraction. The almost 24hrs of pretty consistent bleeding, along with 3 x vomitting of blood clots. It's pretty gross actually but is a very frightening experience of  my life. During the period of my absence, it does seems like lots of things happened along the way and life's pretty hectic.

The fortunate part is that, I'm well again. Thank god, the dentist managed to resolve the issue and no more bleeding. I'm very glad that it's all over. But no more solid food for me for now, hopefully, I'd get to eat normally again soon. Every happening experience teaches me valuable lessons...
Lessons learnt:
  1. Seek the correct doctor's advice (Seek the original doctor for treatment first and not doctors nearby, not even the hospital's emergency department as they might not know the cause.)
  2. If you want things to happen in a more perfect way initially, usually it comes with a higher price tag. Seek the expert for major things, it might prevent mishaps.
  3. When all else fails, sometimes, prayer does helps. :)