♥ Ru on Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shi Wei Tian 食唯天 Steamboat

Finally, I'm almost well now. I'm now able to eat steamboat without the rice portion. :D Went to Shi Wei Tian with my colleagues for dinner few days ago and enjoyed myself there.

That's the Tom Yum vs Herbal Chicken soup base. They say that Tom Yum is nicer but I didn't take spicy food so, I've only tried the Herbal Chicken soup (+$10 for that soup base). It's very thick and probably too much herbal ingredients so a bit bitter I felt.

Overall the food is nice but portion per bowl is quite small and  price on the high side, as it's not buffet. The service is pretty slow as well.

Each portion of food (per bowl) is about my palm size big.
That's not my hand of course. :P
Filled Steamboat
The Honey Aloe Vera drink is nice! It's a bit sweet initially,
but after all the ice melted, it's just nice. That's how much
honey they gave us. :)
The Fried Noodles is nice. It finishes about 5 mins it reached
our table. LOL!
The salted egg sotong is nice but
too spicy for me.
After a very long wait, the Claypot Mushroom Pig Trotters
finally arrived. In the end, we asked for it to be cut into
smaller pieces so that it's easier for us to eat.
食唯天 Steamboat is located at:
37 Joo Chiat Place
Reservation Tel: +65 6346 1338


  1. Unknown said...:

    I'm so sorry that your dining experience may not be up to standard, the drunken chicken soup is actually our signature and most people do like it, but perhaps it was an acquired taste, however we are good for our cze char, perhaps u should try our cze char one day!

    meanwhile do check out our fb for the dishes we have @ www.facebook.com/shiweitianrestaurant

    - from the management of shi wei tian

  1. Ru said...:

    Wow! That's the first time that the management of the store actually commented on my blogpost. I'm quite honored.

    I did tried the cze char portion, it's certainly nice. But I would be great if the service can be much faster. :D