♥ Ru on Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Accident along Tampines last friday

On my way to work last friday, I saw the end result of a road accident. 1 car and 1 taxi with an ambulance hogged the entire road. At first, I was wondering how come there's a car parked in front. As I got closer then I realised that the car was halfway on the pavement. As the taxi was in the middle of the entire 2 lanes, the only vehicles that can pass through are motorcycles. The car was like on the turning lane. So in the end, all the vehicles including bus did a detour in order to pass through the area, which resulted in a jam.... Looking at their position, I just couldn't understand how they got there.. 

So it's best to be safe and late than to be sorry and even later.. :) Safety on the road is not just for your own sake, it's for everyone else's too.