♥ Ru on Sunday, August 7, 2011

Roast Duck - Dian Xiao Er vs Asian Kitchen

After eating the Roast Duck from Dian Xiao Er last thursday, my bf asked me.. Is Dian Xiao Er's roast duck nicer or Asian Kitchen one nicer? So we decided to visit Asian Kitchen the next day. Or you can say that it's me who made that decision. :P

Well, I should say that the herbal flavour of Dian Xiao Er is very strong but nice. The skin of the roast duck is more crispy I felt. As for Asian Kitchen, we ordered the original flavour and it has a slightly saltier / stronger taste by itself.
I would say that both are nice, so it really depends on where are you located at. After all, I preferred Asian Kitchen and my bf prefer Dian Xiao Er. So it's a 1 - 1 score for them!

The only Asian Kitchen (Lu Gang Xiao Zhen) that I knew that sold roast duck is located at Nex, 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-73/74 (Tel: +65 6634 8726).
Asian Kitchen (Lu Gang Xiao Zhen), Nex Mall
As for Dian Xiao Er, quite a number of places have it and they are famous for their herbal duck. We had our share at the Tampines One branch, #04-07/08, attracted by their poster on the pillar. So that's the right place to put their poster after all. :)