♥ Ru on Friday, September 30, 2011

A Visit to Sentosa

Last Saturday, we visited Sentosa for a walk and I managed to take a cute photo of our famous Merlion on my Palm! The island had changed a lot since my last visit quite some time ago. There's now Resort World and Universal studio. I heard from my colleagues that I can visit the Universal Studio on Saturday night for just $5 if I'm not planning to take any rides. But that's just to go inside and take photos along the main walkway. That sounds like I should drop by another day for a visit again. :P
I loved the great weather, although it's a little too hot, at least it wasn't raining. :) So we took the 2 main types of trams around the beaches.

The Usual Sentosa Tram

The Open Rooftop Tram - I was so happy to hop on
this one. I certainly must take a photo with it!
First stop was to drop by the Palawan Amphitheatre as I spotted the area from their advertisement board! When I found the events board, I was pretty glad that the next event is only 15 mins later. So we sat at the benches waiting for something to happen. Only to realised that the bird feeding session at 2 - 2.15pm is done at the birds cage area rather than the Palawan Amphitheatre side. Lesson learnt: Read signboard carefully and take note of the location for events rather than assuming everything is located at the same area.

Luckily, we managed to catch a glimpse of the cute birds
feeding on fruits as they haven't finished their meal yet.
Phototaking with the statue :D while
waiting for my bf to come out of the loo
And of course, the Sentosa Beach Shot!
Another shot of the beach logo :)