♥ Ru on Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yarra Valley - Team Outing

Here's the highlight of the photos taken during our Team Outing at Yarra Valley. I love the fun loving side of our team and enjoyed the outing! After taking 2 shots with my camera, here's the best one with the front row of people in the air.

This time round, piggy joined us in our Melbourne trip as our entire team is going over for meetings and team outing event! Just that piggy ended up taking the flight but was left in the hotel during our meeting and outings.

My new team mate helped me took a photo of me wearing the attire which one of my colleagues says was very Japanese Style. Probably due to the white legging and boots. Thanks to the warmth of the sun and the good weather, I managed to get this photo without my thick jacket :)

Then it's me taking a photo of myself with the vineyard behind me at the Yarra Valley. The views are nice and green. Certainly worth the trip although I didn't drink much other than the white wine at the first wine tasting location. 

And I shall end this post with a photo with our dearest Gorilla. It's so funny with bt's sleepy look and the gorilla's action!