♥ Ru on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dream Board Updates (Achieving 50% of 1 corner!)

That's the corner of my dream board that I've achieved like 50%. 50% because it had already been planned for and that the "You Guess" team finally confirmed my seats to their upcoming show recording session on 24th October! :D I feel so blessed that my persistence in emailing them pays off!

The original email that I've got from a forum seems to be no longer valid as there wasn't any more replies from that email then I found their blog and saw another email used for registration! So I've decided to try again. Then there are replies and last week there isn't any reply, probably due to their National holidays or something. I'm pretty excited to be going there although the recording session is pretty long, 6.5hrs for the session I picked. Perhaps with some luck, I might even be able to get a chance to take a photo with Jacky Wu!

When I stick all those photos onto that board, it's like just a dream and I'm not even sure when I'd achieve any of them. I merely know that this is the part I wanted to achieve the most! As it was like I wanted to visit that show since ages ago when I first watch his variety shows during my NUS days. That time, it was still I guess, now it had became you guess. Few months ago when he left the show, I was quite sad as I haven't got a chance to watch it yet. After that I saw that he's back so I'm pretty happy about it as it means I still got a chance and finally, my chance is here. :)