♥ Ru on Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kitty, Waterfall and other Taiwan Highlights!

Hello Kitty Sweets restaurant where all the food are of
the lovely kitty shaped! So cute!
But then the food wasn't exactly very tasty as most of them are in a way very sweet. Probably a place that I'd visit just once to experience the atmosphere and take a look at what's inside. The minimum spending here is NTD: $300 per head excluding kids.

The soft toy sitting in a very relaxed manner. Posed by me!
That's our tired piggy with its massage tool!
Tea drinking session at Jioufen Tea House,
the nice smelling tea with
delicious home made Oolong tea biscuit.
It's really a pity that they didn't sell the home made biscuit in packet form as it's really very tasty!! 

Waterfall and us!
Just the waterfall!
Close up view of the falling water!
That's dear
Welcome to the beginning of the water fall journey! :P
Other people's tian deng (天灯)
Rainbow Bridge! Perhaps it's nicer looking at night
Taipei 101
Quite beautiful isn't it? But I still felt that it'd be a waste of money to go up so I just took a picture somewhere near by. Haha...

The 2nd last day of the trip is Jacky Wu's Guess x 3 show! Just that too bad, I didn't get a chance to take photo with Jacky. On the brighter side, I've completed 100% of my dream board's little corner :)

So that marks the end of my trip and we headed home again.