♥ Ru on Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taipei Trip Day 1

The morning flight is really very early, starting at 7.10am. Which means I need to wake up at around 3.45 - 4am!

Amazingly, I'm the one that slept more but that's the photo of hardworking one vs the sleepy one :P

So, who's the piggy here?


  1. Roger Loh said...:

    Hey Peiru, didn't realize you were flying to Taipei on 20th Oct! And on the EARLY FLIGHT!! If it's SQ876, I was on that flight too Haha :-)

  1. Ru said...:

    Hi Roger, I only realised that we are both at the same place when you posted that you are in jiu fen in facebook haha.. But we are not on the same flight as I took Jetstar :)

  1. Roger Loh said...:

    SO Interesting, what a coincidence! Did you know that one year ago I went to Shanghai and one day later, my brother and sisters went there as well! :). I blogged about it at http://rogerloh.me/blog/in-shanghai-china-for-the-world-expo-2010/