♥ Ru on Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bon Ami - An Amazing Event

I still vividly remember that one of the most memorable speech was by Ya Kun's CEO, if I remember his position correctly. The inspiring speech on the rebirth of the Eagle, inspiring us to strive on no matter what difficulties we faced in life. He did it, the eagle did it, so can we.

Unfortunately, after asking google about it, I came to realised that the story was more of a myth that wasn't true. But still, it did inspired me. Here's the link to the eagle story video along with the myth clarification.

Then, it was the fashion show presented by the modelling agency. The models really changed very fast. I witnessed them wearing 4 different sets of clothes sequentially.

Then, it's about the delicious food and the interesting speed draw. For most of the lucky draws out there usually around a handful will win prizes. For this event, 70% of us won various prizes which is really very generous of them. Me too won a $100 voucher for "My Little Genius" program. As far as I can remember, I didn't have any more relatives that are of that age range who can use that voucher. Anyone interested in it?

Best Dressed Lady
Best Dressed Guy
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