♥ Ru on Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Immortal Movie Preview

Thanks to OMY and with some luck, I'm honored to be given a pair of tickets to yesterday's Immortal 3D Movie preview. I would say that it is indeed an exciting show filled with suspense and surprises. The imaginary arrows from the Epirus Bow is indeed powerful and the end of the show revealed signs that part 2 is on the way.

If you enjoyed watching fighting scenes and is interested to find out how well the main hero of the show fights, you might want to watch the 2D version of this show when you have the time. :) Just to take note, the show is   pretty violent as it screened the details of some fights.

Lesson learnt: Life can be a choice, there might be premonitions or fate that's controlling it in certain ways but it's your reactions and behaviors to what happens that decide how your life leads to.

Here's the Trailer: