♥ Ru on Monday, November 7, 2011

Phantom Of The Opera @ Albert Hall - Live Streaming!

After being a member of GV, I hardly read their newsletters until recently that I saw an advertisement on the Phantom of the Opera @ the Albert Hall showing in their 25 years celebration. As it was a GV exclusive event for Singapore, I decided to watch it on the 4th Nov. (Dates avail: 9pm on Fri 4 Nov or Sat 5 Nov)

I thought it was some movie with special performance and has a 20 mins interval, which was very strange. To my surprise, it was a live streaming of the performance at the Albert Hall all around the world. I'm so glad that I was one of the participants of the event. With just $25 per head, I get to watch the best view of the play as it was a live presentation by Universal Studio.

At the end of the event, its music composer - Andrew Lloyd Webber gave a thank you speech with the Angel of Music (Sarah Brightman) singing again with various Phantoms singing along with her. In total, there are 2 additional live songs. I'm so blessed to a GV member. Also, thanks to my loving bf who brought me to the event. :)