♥ Ru on Friday, November 25, 2011

Popular Fair - Book, Stationary and Home Office Equipment

After meeting a friend at Marina Square on Wednesday, I dropped by the Popular Book Fair (Suntec City, Hall 601 - 603) to take a look since it is opened from 10am to 10pm until 27th Nov 2011. While looking through the various books available, I chanced upon this rather interesting chinese book that has various photos in it. It costed about $17.90 and it is full colored with close to 300 pages. In fact, there are quite a number of books of the same topic in both English and Chinese. The only difference is that the chinese ones are apparently a lot more interesting looking than the english ones.

The title, cover and contents are structured in a rather different manner even if the topic is similar. Somehow or rather, I felt that the Taiwanese seems to be better at arranging their book layout such that it looks much more appealing than the english books, especially for those tour guide related books. Imagine, the Taiwanese tour books had photos and text of interesting places on the cover but the English Lonely planet books or any other english books merely had the country name and 1 photo on the cover. Even the contents are structured in a much more organised and user friendlier reading manner, which is something that caught my attention.

As for why I bought the book above, it's simply because that's the only photography guide book around that shares on the concept rather than techniques of using SLRs to achieve various effects. As you all know, I still prefer my Sony Cybershot that's light and handy to carry around everywhere I go. :P As many claims that SLRs takes photos of better quality and better looking photos in the overall effects, I was still wondering if it was the skill that matters or was it really the camera?

Then, it's a numerology book to read and expand my knowledge further as there are various schools of thoughts around numerology and the interesting thing is that all the different schools and thoughts are still somehow quite true. Especially after my friend read my date of birth using a different way of reading. :)