♥ Ru on Monday, December 19, 2011

Sony Digital Workshop

This is the 2nd time I'm attending the workshop but now, with a different camera. I would say that the program content had increased since the first time I attended it. Although some of the contents are the same, there are more in depth explanation on the various camera functionality and feature. How to use the usual feature and how to use the new ones.

Only now that I finally understood what's the Aperture used for and that's the main thing that can't be set in a Cybershot compact camera as compared to an D-SLR. Somehow, I've a feeling that the trainer is still more pro SLR than compact camera.

That's when everyone is testing our their Panorama Sweep feature
Finally, I came to realized that the PMB (Picture Motion Browser) software provided with the camera is so useful, I can now easily upload all my photo collection in less than 30mins and it's automatically re-sized instead of my usual manual re-sizing. It really save a lot of time and finally I've uploaded all my Taiwan Photos onto Facebook :D