♥ Ru on Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wedding Dinner @ Swissotel

Had a chance to visit Swissotel with my bf to attend his friend's wedding dinner. Before the dinner start, Zhennan's wife caught a glimpse of me around Raffles City but didn't get to see him as I found out about it only after we reached the destination. I would say that the decoration of the event was quite grand.

Ice Figuring Decorated Salad Bar
The cute tea-light door gift taken with  Miniature Mode :)
The mushroom soup (Shark fin replacement)
Cake Cutting by the couple (This photo was quite
clear as I took it with a much lower resolution so that I
get a 15x zoom, for once, the couple and the cake was
big although I took the photo at a far behind seat)
Champagne Opening (This was a more blurred photo
as it  was quite challenging to take with a much lower
zoom rate and higher resolution)