♥ Ru on Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dinner @ Casuarina Curry, MacPherson - Finally!

After visiting the original Casuarina Curry along Casuarina Road for like about 2 times, we always saw the MacPherson signboard but never got to the new place as I haven't got that address with me. Finally, I took the address from my previous blog post and went to the new place for dinner :D

The new Casuarina Curry @ MacPherson has a newly renovated feeling. Perhaps a much smaller place, rather quiet and not many customers at this time of the day. Maybe because it's a weekday evening or maybe because it's new so there aren't that many people that know of its presence. Of course, that's just my speculations.

As for the food wise, I would say that the mushroom and cheese prata tasted about the same but it somehow looks smaller than the one at Casuarina Road. Not sure if it's an illusion but the green plate, usually used for holding rice makes it rather hard to cut my prata. If not for the convenience of the location, because it's nearer to the airport where I'm working at, perhaps I'd rather visit the main branch instead. Hmm does that sound like why there's so few people around? *still wondering*

I also noticed a signboard that says "Open on Chinese New Year, 7am - 12am". It's an Indian shop so of course it'd be opened I felt.