♥ Ru on Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dinner @ Sentosa

This year is the dragon year and RWS has a everywhere is the dragon decoration feeling.
The flying dragon

The dragon holding RWS pearl

The universal studio logo that has lots of smoke. Too bad after our dinner, I didn't get to go in a take photo cos it has already closed. Will try again another day. :D

Originally wanted to visit the Malaysian Food Street but there are too many people. The queue is like a very long "dragon".

So we ended up having dinner at Ding Tai Feng

Drunken Chicken

Xiao Long Bao

Yam Bun
Actually, we also had fried rice which finished before I remember to take its photo :D Yes, we are very hungry!

Visited the Universal Studio Gift Shop since the studio is already closed

Admiring the interesting water feature, with many patterns..

And that marks the end of our Saturday.

I wish everyone a happy birthday today since I'm writing this post on "ren" (human) day, which is something like everyone's birthday. :)