♥ Ru on Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BBQ Chicken Dinner @ Greenwich V

Actually, I felt asleep on my way to dinner and woke up at Greenwich V haha.. It's near Yio Chu Kang area. I think the design of the new shopping & condo area was pretty refreshing and simple.

This reminds me of the fountain @ Bugis Junction

Dinner is at BBQ Chicken

Because of the 1 for 1 promotion haha...

I was shocked when the soup is served on a big plate and pretty tiny looking hole in the middle...

This is how small the bowl was. The taste was so-so..

My mushroom hotplate steak. (Suitable for only those who liked well done steak like me :D) Why? Because they don't ask you how you want the steak to be done. Luckily I flip my steak once it's served so that I have a fully cooked and well done steak. Otherwise, it looks like I'll get one side over cooked and the other side not much done steak  instead. Despite the well done part, it's pretty tough and will be better if served with a lot less salt. (very salty)

Spaghetti Aglio Olio which I didn't try as it looks kind of spicy. Anyway, my bf failed the dish as well.

I had a strawberry ice cream dessert, although I liked ice cream but this one tasted kind of like it was once defrosted and re-frozen again due to the ice particle size, tasted like it's from either Marigold or Kings ice cream tub.

Layout of the unit

Window view - we sat at the window

Verdict of the restaurant (BBQ Chicken): Usually, I don't give verdict but for once, I declared them banned from dinner list wherever possible haha... Not worth the travelling time and effort to visit and it's not really near the MRT station, although on Far East Organisation's map, it looks like it's just next door. Nothing much to shop there either, probably more for the residential units in that development but this place was opened while the rest of the developments are still under construction though. So, good luck to the stop owners in that area.