♥ Ru on Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dinner @ Ichiban Boshi (Nex Mall)

I'm blessed to have the chance to visit Ichiban Bochi @ Nex Mall and enjoy my dinner there. I would say that it's certainly a great place to be at for dinner. Just for the sake of nice, delicious food. :D Yummy!!

As usual, here's my favorite dish, the Tempura Ice Cream Dessert!! Dear says, let's order one more! Usually, I'm the main ice cream lover but for once my boyfriend wanted to order another dish. Although it's kind of messy to eat this particular dish but it's still my favourite and the highlight of the dinner. Too bad, we are so full that we can't really finish another one so we didn't order a second ice cream.

The appetizer Ham & Cheese Sushi is an interesting and tasty dish that I had never expected to find on the sushi plate.

Here's the mixed mushroom with egg but it looks pretty much like it's actually enough to be eaten alone with rice (for 1). But it's one of the 2 main dishes for my dinner. I ended up eating my favorite mushrooms (esp. golden mushrooms) off the dish and left the oyster mushrooms alone as I was just too full to finish all of it.

The grilled salmon with Teriyaki Sauce tasted pretty good as well. I managed to finish the salmon with some help...

Here's his dinner which I think is Teriyaki Chicken Don as it tasted that way. I didn't recall what he order but I did ate some off the bowl :P

Location: Nex Mall #B1-04, 23 Serangoon Central

Of course, I'd visit this restaurant again when I had the chance. Thanks to the nice food prepared by the chef and my bf for sponsoring the meal. I had a great dinner :D