♥ Ru on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

iLight Marina Bay 2012

By the time I finally have time to put up the iLight @ Marina Bay photos, the exhibition is already over. But still I think the exhibition is one that you should visit (if you haven't) when it's here again the next time. From the looks of it, it might have been a bi-yearly event that's held once every 2 years. 


Marina Bay Sands

An exhibition not to be missed, even if it rains.. Like the person next to this structure, I was under an umbrella too :)

Light Dance "in front of" the Singapore Eye

Even our Merlion is having a Makeover!!

I just can't leave without taking a photo of the exhibition :D


I love lights

Projector lights

Ceiling lights...

Reflections are everywhere..

Noticed the majestic cranes deco on the ceiling of Esplanade on my way back to the carpark at Marina Sqaure.