♥ Ru on Thursday, May 31, 2012

Orchard Central Car Boot Sale Jun 2012

Had my dinner at Orchard Central Sakae Sushi tonight and happened to pass by the upcoming Car Boot Sale event from this coming weekend onwards. From the signboards available, it looks like the Car Boot Sale will be on every weekend till end of Jun (24th).

At the moment, before the starting of the boot sale, the classic antique cars are currently being exhibited at the 1st floor of the shopping mall. If my friend hasn't highlighted to me about it, it's hard to believe that the sale will be held in the boots of those cute antique cars!!

For antique car lovers, and those curious ones, do drop by this weekend to take a look. I'd probably be going too haha... I wonder how will that sale be like.. *Curious*

 I like this red bus as it's just so cute :D