♥ Ru on Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gardens By the Bay - Weekend Afternoon

We went to the Gardens by the Bay again today, to visit the 2 indoor gardens within the domes - Flower Dome & Cloud Forest. I think the Gardens at look much greener but is really very hot on a Sunday Afternoon, as compare to the night time that I went over previously. I would say that, the view and experience is totally different. From the way it looks, this is a place where you can spent the entire day at, if you visit each sightseeing place leisurely.

 We parked at the carpark in the area (this is the further one as the nearer one is full)

 I liked the greenery view along the way...

 I didn't know that the garden was that amazing!!

My advice for a day visit would be that you should wear lighter attire, comfortable shoes and bring along a jacket. Because, it's super hot outside where the outdoor garden is, but very cold inside the indoor garden. The hot weather makes me not feel like talking a walk on the OCBC skyway at all, so we skipped that today. Yes, after walking a lot in heels today, my leg is so sore :/

If you are visiting the indoor gardens, bring along your NTUC / Passion / Safra Card for a 10% discount. It's priced at 2 locations for $20 per person.