♥ Ru on Sunday, July 8, 2012

KOI Coconut Jelly Milk Tea - NEW

The New Coconut Jelly Milk Tea from KOI reminds of me of the QQ Milk Tea from Agan Tea which I like better than the current milk tea variety left at KOI. This picture above is the weird combi I ordered to make it similar to QQ Milk tea, did you see that pearl too? LOL!!

Well, KOI used to be my favourite bubble tea store when the Oolong Milk Tea variant is still available for sale. However, with their recent revamp in their menu, my favorite drink was removed totally which makes me very disappointed!

I would say that the best milk tea from KOI was the Oolong Milk tea and the ice cream milk tea which are both taken off from their menu!! Why? And apparently being a smaller used to be regular consumer, I had feedback to their staff about this but was to no avail. The staff told me everything was still there except for Oolong tea. Then, only when my friend told me, his favorite ice cream milk tea was gone too. Oops, I'm out of point here..

I tried to simulate the QQ milk tea by ordering a milk tea with both coconut jelly and the pearl but somehow the coconut jelly from KOI has a rather weird taste. So the overall feeling is just, something else is missing too.. But I didn't know what's missing so too bad, I shall continue to support my new favourite QQ milk tea from Agan Tea then.. haha.. :P