♥ Ru on Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marina Bay Sands - Garden By the Bay

The new garden by the bay is a pretty dark place to visit at night. Perhaps because its highlight is the after dark music and light display on the trees. But the scenery is certainly beautiful. I wonder how it looks like in the day though. After all, I visited last sunday night and reaches around 8+pm... Just before it closed.

Up the bridge to the sky gardens

One of the nicest view is the ferry wheel with the various lighting of the trees, lighting up in the same shades synchronously.

The giant tree garden looks pretty alluring under the moonlight.

As of now, there's the OCBC Light and Sound show between: 07:45 PM - 08:00 PM.

Go closer and you'll get to hear the nice musical songs at night. I was there after 8pm but before 9pm and I do hear the nice musical songs :P

I think the paid garden looks pretty and might be worth our visit. We'd drop by another day as it's already pretty late by the time we are there. The ticketing booth had closed, so does the shops.

At the MBS, with some luck, you might get to listen to some nice music performance as well :)

Address18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

Tips: It's faster to take the SMRT circle line over and change train at Promenade station. Also, bring along your personal water bottle as water are hard to find. The nearest one I found with the help of one of their staff is just before the toilet. But the water flow of the water cooler is just so weak.

There are 2 Conservatories and the OCBC Skyway (the sky bridge), if you do plan on dropping by, do take a look at their admission timing and price list.

Just park at their carparks, if you do drive:

  • Visitor Centre Basement Car Park (Main Gate)
  • Meadow Open-air Car Park (Meadow Gate)
  • Visitor Centre Coach Park (Main Gate, right side of drop-off point)

Parking Rates: ~ $1.20 / hr after 6pm and $1.50 / hr before 6pm (rates at per min basis). As charges doubled  after the first 5 hrs so beware of that, but I'm pretty sure, you won't stay that long haha..

Here's all my photos of the place: