♥ Ru on Monday, July 2, 2012

Panasonic Lumix Workshop & Cosmo Parade

I'm blessed to get a chance to attend the "I Love Lumix Photography Workshop by Bob Lee" organized by OMY, last saturday. I would say that because the workshop is pretty much conceptual and Bob shares more about the idea behind what makes a photo good, rather than just technical camera usage skills. This is good as it's a lot more practical for a point and shot camera user like me.

That's me and the new Panasonic Lumix GF5 camera which I was loan for the day.

The biggest take away from the workshop is that I understand that it's extra effort we put into our photo can make it stand out among others. Well, I didn't get selected as one of the 5 participants that gets to keep the camera for 1 month to continue taking photos of the various events at the SHINE Youth Festival 2012.

Well, here's the unedited photos taken by a SLR camera noob -- Me, of course. That's the first time ever in my life that I got to play with such camera and I have to admit that although I understand that there're features like shuttle speed, focus length, etc but I've no idea where are there and how to set them...

 Setting off for the Cosmo Parade for practice of our skills

 Here's the first Cosplay person I saw on my way there

 I love the look of the cute little girl, happily playing with the drums

I like the Cai Shen's look 

 This is the miniature effect

 The toy camera effect

 Here's the guy who was on top of the same pillar as me

 I'm so far behind that this is the only thing I saw...

 The star filter effect

Our videography team


Lion Dance standby area

 This little girl is just so cute

Spiderman that saved the day... Because this dragon is just so long that... The cars can't cross this side of the road, until Spiderman stands in the middle of the road to let them through

 Beauty and the Beast?

 He reminds me of dragon ball or was it?

Well, I would say that my skills is just not there after all. Especially after reading one of the selected participants' blog post. Well, after you see her photos, you will understand better. It's really very nice looking. From her photos, I understand that it's not just a difference in skills, it's the feelings that her photos emit that makes the entire big difference!