♥ Ru on Sunday, December 16, 2012

Banana Cake from Mr Kian

I'm blessed to be one of those that got a chance to sample the tasty banana cake (around last Mon / Tue) which my colleague baked for us. If not because he offered me a slice, I probably won't know that banana cake can taste this nice too.. Because this is one really nice tasting banana cake with smooth texture that makes me feel that 1 slice is not enough after finishing it.. I actually have a craving for more!! 

I have to confess that I actually didn't quite like the taste of most banana cakes out there, not sure if it's because my parents used to keep buying banana cake for our breakfast and after eating a few, I started skipping that and pick other choices. But this one was really different from the rest. Usually after eating like half a slice to 1 slice, I'll have the very "腻" kind of feeling (the kind where I'll get sick of it after a while). This is something that I won't ever get whenever I ate my friend's baking results..

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