♥ Ru on Saturday, December 15, 2012

Francis Wedding @ Chimes Hall

 This is the 2nd church wedding I had ever attended in my life so far. The first time ever to have the dinner as well at the church hall area.

I am kind of late but on the bright side, I caught a glimpse of the bride's father accompanying the bride outside the door.

This is the flowers at the reception table...

 The note to couple for the tree inside.
 finally the door opened...
 And we managed to go in through the side door
 Wedding album
  The note to couple tree

 My seat and the reason why we all had seat number is because the door gift is tagged with our names!!!

  The menu
 First table

 Bread to keep us filled while waiting :)
First time seating on bench like tables. . And it's like 2 long stretches of table and chairs.
 Marching out...
Best man and bridesmaid are all dressed alike. 
Flowers to throw at couple during 2nd march in
 And they are back...

 Rom ceremony photo

 I loved the mushroom soup... so tasty.. 
main course. . Cannot finish cos I think I ate too much bread. Oops. 

 I loved the lychee dessert. Yummy 
 they served wedding cake too