♥ Ru on Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas @ Orchard Central

With Christmas around the corner, I guess, perhaps along Orchard road, Orchard Central had one of the most charming looking decorations. So many people taking photos around the area, all thanks to the hard work and lovely design that Far East had put up for their shopping centre.

 One of the popular corner of that building is that swing outside the mall. You only get this kind of view when it's not so crowded.. After 8pm on Christmas Eve, itself, I had severe difficulties walking beyond the mall to cross over the next building.

 I can't believe why would the lady dance mid air above the "wine" bar at the exhibition area.. Isn't she tired, I thought to myself? But I have to say that it's certainly an interesting sight and attracts crowd too..

 Here's the tree outside the mall...

We had to go through the "secret" underground linkage via B2 to cross the road over to Centre point where the roads are broader.. In fact traffic inside the Orchard Central vs outside, there's far more human crowding outside the mall than inside it.

I hope that the entire orchard road's renovation will end soon so that we'll get the big broad pathway all  to ourselves again and no need to worry about the crowded pavement anymore. :)

Most importantly, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!