♥ Ru on Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Todai Christmas + Farewell Lunch @ MBS

Here's the classic looking Christmas tree at the entrance.

 Thanks to DG for the nice lunch today at Todai.

 More decorations of the place..

 Apart from the fish in the picture, I think everything else tasted great!! I loved the beef at the bottom right of the picture especially. Ate a total of 3 of that item.. Yummy :P

3rd serving.. Didn't took the 2nd serving as I can't wait to eat the 2 x snow crab legs I took..

 Sushi from my colleague's plate.. I just want to share about the top left hand one.. the one that looks like mini egg yolk but is actually mayonnaise with muster and inside is actually salmon sashimi..  - felt conned as I thought it's looks so much like mini egg and I don't eat raw food. :/

 Here's a photo of the snow crab leg from my friend's plate haha.. My share was this one + the craw which I always enjoyed eating.. Snow Crab Leg is nice.. and they provided us with scissors for easy eating too :) So nice of them

The cannot make it dessert.. The cheese cake in this photo especially, I felt is hard and have almost no taste.. My colleague commented that maybe it's left around for many days already that's why.. 
I really think that my colleague should bake some cake then share a slice with the manager there so that they can change dessert supplier. I'm think his cakes tasted tons better than this one. And most importantly, food reputation is important to restaurants like this one, I felt. How can they serve such delicious international standard food with lousy desserts? - It really spoils the overall mood at the end of it.

Fruits tasted normal and Eclair is the best tasting dessert around!! I ate 2 haha..

 More so so tasting desserts.. If you go in a group, just take 1 plate to share because you won't want more than 1 mouth of each in this photo..

Ice cream is another of their best tasting desserts around.. With toppings. Just that the appearance isn't that nice looking.

 We had almost 2 tables worth of people..

Ending this with a photo of the water fountain..

Congrats and Farewell to my nice colleagues.. As for me, I'm looking forward to my long weekend break :D  Although I still need to work a while tomorrow morning but it's still not too bad as I finally had time to run my errands and collect the present I won from Watson's Raffles Place haha..