♥ Ru on Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tree Top Walk @ MacRitchie Reservoir 2012

Last weekend, I finally joined in an exercise regime of the "Tree Top Walk" @ MacRitchie Reservoir organized by my friends. It's now that I realised that regular exercise is really very important to maintain optimal health and fitness level.

 The same path I used to be able to walk with much less effort is makes me feel like I'm about to die walking it. Especially when it comes to slope climbing.. Last time, I even managed to carry stuff like backpack + 1.5 litres of water and sometimes weights (I mean dumbbells inside my bag) before I will actually feel slightly better than what I felt during this walk itself. Also, the route we took wasn't exactly that long..

 We had to be careful when we walked through the muddy road after much rain in the season but not from the day itself but rather probably from the day before or earlier.. As we are blessed with great weather that way. Bright and sunny.. :D My favorite kind of weather when it comes to hiking..

 I managed to snap a shot of monkeys on the tree with my Samsumg Galaxy S3 haha..

 The wilderness of the reservoir area, gives us the privilege of being close to the greenery and refreshing air.

 The facts and figures of the tree top walk.

 As usual the shaky looking bridge which I'm still pretty scared of crossing.. 

 The possible "insects" on the leaves of the plants.

It's kind of interesting to find a "Red 中" which means centre mahjong tile hanging on a A4 like poster on the tree branches inside the "forest". haha.. You definitely don't get to see this everyday.

 We also had the privilege of seeing people doing filming near the place where we entered the walking trail.

I'll definitely need to pick up my exercise regime again, even if it's just merely walking along my house lobby to help build up my fitness level all over again so that walking and hill / slope walking will be a very much easier now.