♥ Ru on Sunday, December 23, 2012

Visiting Hello Kitty Town @ Puteri Harbour

I had an enjoyable day @ Hello Kitty Town, Puteri Harbour last friday.

Thanks to all the Hello Kitty Posters on the road and the guide on their website: http://www.playtime.com.my/location, we managed to navigate to the place successfully. The place is seriously hard to go without all these guides as the shortcut from JB (Woodlands checkpoint) is a road that wasn't on Google Map or Nokia Map.. :S

Here's the entrance ticket to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town which we bought at the place. There's a 10% discount for RHB credit card which we didn't have. Also, the locals' price is much lower than this.

Here's the activity card which gives us entry to the various activities that we can do at the Hello Kitty Town..

The most important thing you need to know about Hello Kitty Town is that it's at level 1 which you can reach simply by escalator haha.. (No need to take the complicated lift)

 Hello Kitty Cup (Merry Go Round)
 The Hello Kitty Sofa!!

 Hello Kitty House Icon..

 Little girl posing with the cute piano that auto plays us music..

 That's me posing @ Hello Kitty Kitchen..

 The bath tub is just so cute!!! I want one for my future home too :P

 Hugging Kitty :p She's so big.. Her head is far bigger than mine..

 Here's one of the quest I need to complete...

 Hello Kitty Show time.. It's probably available every hour or so..

 I like the cute toilet sign.. haha..

 Female toilet is full of kitties..

 This is the toilet door :D

 My Cute Biscuit.. And I ate it all haha.. so hungry

 "Sitting" on the green plants is so tiring.. my legs aches after this photo.. I'm so scared that I might break their plants..

 Naughty dear sneaking up in my photo with Kitty..

I loved the golden 招财 Hello Kitty 猫.. so cool and so classic.. I placed an order for it as it's all sold out.. The person told me it probably take about 1 month. I really like this kitty piggy bank haha..

Here's the souvenir from the "Jewellery Making" activity. In fact, each activity gives you different sake keeping items.

The staffs are super helpful in taking photos for us, they use our camera to help us take photos as well as their own more professional SLR cameras. We get to view the photos they had taken at the "Kawaii Photo Centre" near the entrance..

The Red Bow Cafe had cute looking tables too... That's the Hello Kitty's "Red Bow" on the right side of her head. So cute... But food here doesn't come cheap..

There's also the Lat's Place which is the restaurant with Lat's cartoon movie that will be screened at the place, opening 12 Jan according to the staff there. What's available there now is just their souvenir store.