♥ Ru on Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weekend KL Trip, Jan 2013

 Went for a short trip with my fellow colleagues to KL to find our ex-colleague and shopping last weekend. It was a delightful surprise to catch a glimpse of the rainbow at the boarding gate area, probably somewhere around the run way after the rainy weather in Singapore.

 KL Airport appears to have a almost brand new appearance. I wonder if it was just renovated recently.

The KLIA Jungle Broadwalk was pretty much just the mini waterfall below.

The Ancasa hotel and spa was the most posh looking 3 star hotel I ever stayed in. When seeing their hotel building, I was like huh? Is this really the right hotel? When I saw the lobby, I was amazed by the beautiful looking lobby, pretty much similar to those 4 star hotels.
But the most unbelievable part was that it had beautiful night view of the city as we stayed on the 9th floor in the correct direction.

Can you believe that such a nice hotel cost around $60 / night?

That's all of us finally meeting up with each other and having the wonderful and tasty dinner.