♥ Ru on Monday, June 24, 2013

Frankfurt Day 1 - Around the Shopping Street

 Here's the various places at Frankfurt where we get to walk around at. This is where we alight at the Alte Oper station and walk along the streets to go to where the shopping places are.

 Well as a Ice Cream Lover, I just had to try the Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream at Germany itself where it's made.. Somehow, it tasted a bit better and is of course much cheaper than eating it in Singapore.

 Although days are very long, somehow we still trees as bald as this one in many places especially along the shopping street.

 Here's the 2 most common pharmacies, kind of similar to our Guardian and Watson's.

 Of course when it comes to oral hygiene products such as tooth paste and tooth brush, it's somehow way cheaper in Germany (than in Paris and definitely Singapore). So as usual, I bought some toothpaste home haha.. No toothbrush needed as we bought too much during our last trip.

Here's Rituals, my favourite store where it sells products body and face products made from Chinese Herbs. My favourite product is the Yin - inner peace, calming bed and body mist haha.. Cos it helps to calm my mind and senses for a good night sleep. Especially when brushing teeth and washing face prior to sleep tends to wake me up a little. 
That's the Euro sign where you might notice during certain news. Quite nice looking and it's in the CBD area of the city.

 Here's my favourite low budget departmental store - C & A where I bought my pair of skinny fit jeans at $9.90 Eur during my last trip and another pair during this trip at $19.90 Eur which is pretty good too, around SGD $32. Which I doubt I can buy anything of similar quality locally. It looks pretty lasting so far. I also got a shirt at around EUR $5 haha.. Most other shirts I bought at some shops in Singapore needs additional sewing to secure the buttons but this one doesn't. How nice is that! So it feels like better quality products at less than half the price..

 Then we had dinner at somewhere nearby. I realised that I forgot to take a photo of the shop name haha.. Doesn't matter, it's a restaurant in the middle of the shopping street that opens until quite late into the night. One of the few shops that are still open at around 9pm. Although it's still bright, most shops had closed for the day. It's a feels like a Thai restaurant that sells food which has a nice twist of western and eastern taste. Yummy!!