♥ Ru on Saturday, June 22, 2013

Frankfurt Day 1 - Brunch at Hermann's (Frankfurt Airport)

After eating lots of bread in Paris, we finally started eating normal food again once we get to Frankfurt. Not sure if it's really very nice or is it because I felt deprived of food after eating many days of mainly bread. So once we alright our flight and we decided to take a bite and eat our brunch @ Hermann's.

 The food may be simple, sausage and potato but it tasted pretty good.

 After tasting bread from Paris, we just can't bring ourselves to eat this one.

 After our brunch, we went ahead to drop our bags at our hotel. Which is located at a quiet area in Frankfurt yet easy to reach as it's just a short walk to the subway station. this is the photo of the Zoo station which we keep wanting to alight, sometimes alighting by mistake haha..

Here's the inside of the BB Hotel which we stayed at.. It's pretty small but clean and feels like new. I quite like the concept as we are given a pin to the room which will be reset after it's time for us to check out.