♥ Ru on Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Frankfurt Day 2 - Supermarket Day

 This is the machine where you can get the EUR $1 nice tasting coffee at the BB Hotel. I think it's a great idea to have the snacks and coffee machine within the hotel itself, especially for tourist like us that might forgot to eat our dinner during summer period, it'd come in handy.

 And we walked to the nearby hypermart - Edeka for shopping. In fact, we spent like half a day there, looking at what's available in their super market.. LOL!

 Here's our train tickets for 2 days. The cheaper EUR $9.50 for up to 5 pax 1 day unlimited ride (excluding airport) and the EUR $15 for up to 5 pax 1 day unlimited ride including airport.

 Here's the unique concept shopping mall where you can literally walk down the entire shopping mall without using the escalator / lift. So it's a slopped level concept. Where we can just take the lift up to the top floor then start walking down each of the level until we reached the first level.

 I think this tee is quite cute, where it looks like a typo error of writing NY instead of Frankfurt haha..

 And the United Colors of Frankfurt haha.. Sounds familiar right but it's definitely not meant to say Frankfurt.

 Then we had dinner at the Vino Italian restaurant near our hotel.

 This bread is not bad.

 We had pasta and a special type of pizza.

 After dinner we decided to explore the area near our hotel and we found many small minimarts as such.