♥ Ru on Friday, June 28, 2013

Frankfurt Day 3 - Last Day in Frankfurt

 Here's a bar right next to our station: Ostbahnhof. 

 Here's where the we had our nice tasting hot stone lunch near the castle like place.

 I came to realised that I didn't had any food photo.. Must be because it's too nice and needs my attention so forgot all about taking photo of it.. It's something like our pepper lunch concept where the food we ordered comes in a hot stone plate where we get to cook right away with the 2 sauces that we picked. I like the butter sauce as it tasted great with the beef steak I ordered. Also because we cooked it ourselves, we can cook to the level that we'd like.. Only thing is that because the steak is quite big so it took very some time to finish cutting up the entire steak into small pieces so that it's well done but not too tough haha.. Well I can't eat raw food as my stomach is too weak..

 This is another nice tasting ice cream which I ate along the way.

Woolworth sounds similar to the Woolworths in Australia but it sold an entire different range of products.. This one specialize in super cheap products, mostly at 1-5 Eur price range. So I bought 2 fake candles at just 1 Eur here haha..

There's also a penny market.. How I wish.. we had such places where I lived..