♥ Ru on Sunday, June 2, 2013

Paris Day 1 - Garden Tour

I had finally sorted out the photo for my Paris / Frankfurt Trip and here's Day 1 photos. As 1st May on which we had reached Paris is a Public Holiday in Europe as well, there's nothing much opened except for Parks and eatery places.

Lesson learnt: Next time I'll plan my leave better and avoid visiting Europe on their public holidays.

After alighting from the "Gare du Nord" station, we walked around to find places with food and I am so cold because... my luggage check-in was delayed and I had checked in my jacket accidentally and didn't realise it until it was too late! The lucky part is that my boyfriend had 2 jackets and I got the thinner one as the other one feels pricky so too bad for me.

Here's the first cafe that we saw and decided to give it a try as the price is pretty reasonable.

 I heard that the chicken is not bad.

 The beef I ordered was super tough as it's well done but at least it's edible.. So my favourite was the French Fries which we guess because it's France so their fries just got to be good... :D

We took a a walk around Eiffel Tower area to confirm on how to get there, just in case as we had already booked out Eiffel Tower Tour on 3rd May. :D We booked the tour just to make sure that we can skip the long ticket buying queue :P My friend told me that she had to queue for 3 hours just to buy the ticket and after that, it's pretty fast..

 Here's an interesting flower on a tree at the garden near Eiffel Tower :)
I wonder if this is the cherry trees that the websites are talking about.. I guess, it's getting into Summer so only a few of such trees are around for viewing in the various parks that I went..

 This looks like some interesting looking remains of certain buildings but due to the swamps of tiny looking insects around the area, I ran off just to be safe. It's definitely not fun to be sick or bitten or anything overseas especially on the first day of my trip.

 This is the occasional water fountain special effects that we spotted as we loiter around the area for quite some time. Well, there's this particular strong smell in the area near this fountain and it got stronger especially when this special effects started.

 Here's the last park that we got to as it had started raining a bit as we got there..
 Here's the both of us taking photo while waiting for the rain to subside.

My camera can't capture how big the rain is.... only the wet floor.

After that we went back to sleep and missed dinner! OMG!! Because it's public holidays the eateries closed early and after much walking, there's no food nearby our hotel except for vending machines.. So we ate chips for dinner.. Luckily we had a lot of bread and stuff during the day so it's not that bad..