♥ Ru on Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paris Day 2 - Disneyland Tour

 We are lucky to be here on their 20th Anniversary as not only their tickets had special discounts ($49 Eur Per Pax for 2 parks 1 day visit), they also had special 20th Anniversary decorations.

They got had their hippo plant deco carry a 20th bday cake!

 We got this photo taken with the help of another kind tourist :)

The views are really nice in the area.

 The entire main Disneyland Park is linked by train stations that brings us one round on the parameters of the park, from one theme area to the next.

 Here's the river ride that brings us inside dark caves where they play lovely songs and things like that. Although the entrance of the cave doe look kind of scary but it's not :P

 Robot inside one of the rides that we took by accident which made me feel giddy and about to vomit after the shaky 4D adventure ride. Which I concluded, never to take such rides ever again LOL!

 That's me posing and behind me is another scary and eerie looking ride. My small hat is a souvenir from Disneyland as it's kind of odd not to wear any Disney hair accessories. I picked this one as it's cheaper and it's different from most other people. Most girls / women here wears the mini mouse headband. Some kids even wear princess dress!!  

 That's fantasy island

 The mini mouse pencil that's cute but probably not practical

 Here's the Walt Disney Studios Park photos. That's my favourite character - Boo's door :P But where's the cute Boo? Didn't see her around though. 

Here's the 20th anniversary "Chingay" like light vehicles circling the park at around 7 or 8pm I can't exactly remember though.

In fact, we only barely managed to complete the park because we didn't join the "exciting" rides that I'm scared of haha..

 There's the hot air balloon ride, at far end of the park.

Here's the sunset photo..

Here's our itinerary:
  1. 10am to 1pm: Walt Disney Studio Park - most of the rides here are pretty safe haha.. 
  2. 1 - 3.30pm: Originally wanted to go to the branded goods village - La Vallée Village but due to time constraint, we ended up walking around at the mall just next to the village (found a nice hypermart) and returned to Disneyland to continue our tour
  3. 3.30 - 8.30pm: Disneyland Park - a lot bigger than the Studio park as it consists of many mini parks.
I'd say that Disneyland is a place not to be missed should you have the chance to visit Paris :) Especially when there's special tickets offer, which makes the deal even better. - But you will need the zone 5 ticket / pass to get there though as it's pretty far out. Located at a so near yet so far place from our hotel though. 30mins taxi ride but 1.5hrs train ride. :S But still I had fun!!! I can't say the same for my bf though. :X