♥ Ru on Monday, June 10, 2013

Paris Day 3 - Eiffel Tower

This is probably the best place to take the Eiffel Tower photo at but it's not taken on the 3rd day. But since I'm going to share about my Eiffel Tower photos, so might as well haha..

We found this place during our search for the Liberty Statue Replica in Paris as a couple taking photos at this location, at the small island near Passy station. Indeed, the photo looks not bad :)

 When you see this statue, it means you are at the right place. :)

Here's the photo of that couple that took photo at the location where we found to be interesting. They probably travelled to various location in that attire with a Camera and Camera Stand taking beautiful photos at many places. 

 Day 3 which we visited Eiffel Tower tour was a more foggy, notice the white sky instead of the beautiful blue sky on the previous photo and the foggy looking Eiffel Tower. This almost made me thought that Eiffel Tower didn't look that pretty in the day.

 Under the tower, I thought there's a park that people picnic at, but I guess, I am wrong as the park is near Eiffel Tower but not below it haha.

 Look at the long queue...

 When the tour guide passed us our ticket, I'm so happy and glad that we bought the tour for this itinerary so that we won't need to queue that long :D

Walked along the park for a tour under the tower.. Wow, if not for the tour, we won't be coming here.

 That's our tour guide, his english is pretty good and really friendly as he helped give us advice on his favourite supermarket in Paris after the tour ended. Well, that's not related but there's no one else we could ask... I'm glad we met him.

 This is where we say "HELLO..." for an echo... "hello..."

 Here's the back room of the tower where we get to see how the lift structure worked.

 Here's the various views from tower level 2 as they count the ground level as 0. (In Singapore, we'd say it's the 3rd storey)

 We are introduced to the Statue of Liberty which I won't get a great photo of as my camera's zoom feature is not enough haha.. I probably need about 30x or maybe 50x zoom I guess.

 In paris, we really felt that where there's grass, it's picnic ground. :P

Here's the photos of Eiffel Tower getting dark. A view near Trocadero station, where there are lots of Africans selling Eiffel Tower keychains and statue at much lower price than shops but the quality is not quite there. Defects level is about 30% and you can't really choose and you won't get any change, only more Eiffel Tower keychains or statue. I'd say don't buy from them unless you only have 1 or 2 Eur in your pocket and you much pick your own key chain before you pay. If not, too bad..  

 As it gets darker, the tower light is on...

 The darker the sky, the bigger the contrast and the more beautiful the tower.

 Every hour daily, starting from 9pm, there's a light show at the tower, we didn't see any Euro star sign but just flickering tower lights, which is pretty nice too. Something you should wait and see at least once in a lifetime.

 I'm quite glad that I had the "handheld twilight" feature on my Sony TX55 as I didn't have a camera stand at all. Otherwise, it'd be so blur that I can't see a thing haha..

 More photos after the light show as everyone is rushing back.. The train back was really pretty pack but not quite as pack as our train here..

Thanks to the Europe Crisis and the staff travel benefits for working with an airline.. I get to come here and enjoy the beautiful Eiffel Tower view :) I'm blessed.