♥ Ru on Thursday, June 6, 2013

Paris Day 3 - Louvre Museum

Although the Louvre Museum will be free on the Sunday of our visit (first sunday of the month), but as we heard that the queue is going to be very long, we decided to visit the Museum first as that's where the famous Mona Lisa painting resides.

I am so glad that we reached here around 12pm and because it's lunch time so there are a bit less people queuing than usual. The queue to go in takes about 30mins and to buy ticket around another 15-20mins. When we leave, I think the queue then would probably be around 1hr just to get to the ticket buying queue!! I can't imagine how packed will that be when it's totally free as no matter what, we'll need to queue to get into the museum.

The park near the Louvre Museum

Ice cream!!! My favourite :P

This painting is crowded by so many people that I was force to use my camera's zoom feature just to take a photo of it!!

Art pieces in front of a mirror..

I think the architecture design is pretty interesting in Paris as well but probably those at Italy are more complex and hard to make.


 I think the hop on / hop off bus concept is everywhere these days.