♥ Ru on Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Paris Day 4 - Supermarket Day

For my 4th day in Paris, there aren't much photos as we mainly walk around the city, looking for supermarkets. From our various supermarket visits, I noticed that the one with the most best priced items is Auchan. The one nearest to our hotel is Carrefour, just 1 station away from our hotel. Depending on what you are planning to get and how much you are getting, the price difference is on the average about up to 10%.

Here's the Market area where the exhibition changes from time to time. This time, it's like a Art Gallery which we aren't that interested so we didn't go in.

We did walk around other parts of the city as well along the way before proceeding to where we wanted to go. Originally, I wanted to find other flea markets but didn't found much interesting ones. Only saw a 2nd hand camera street that my bf thinks their 2nd hand cameras are much cheaper than ours.

This looks like some drinkable fountain water but we didn't dare to drink from it.

 Parks are one of the many places where you might get a glimpse of people sleeping on the benches in the area.

 Forgot the name of this one but the plain one tasted the best, then strawberry and chocolate. The green one was tried once and none of us wanted another though. 

I guess this is the day with the least photos as we went to too many supermarkets that I didn't take photos of haha..