♥ Ru on Thursday, June 20, 2013

Paris Day 5 - All Other Places

 This is the super high tech toilet that you might find at certain stations in Paris.

 This is the one I used as it had english words on it. Somehow I can't get the basin to work so we had to use our own drinking water to wash hand instead. Basically, if it worked as intended, you can only go in after it finished cleaning itself. And it flush the toilet and wash the floor after each use. Super high tech and it's free to use at all the places where I saw it. The only issue by far is that I am not too sure why it appears that it always didn't have water to wash our hands or was it because we didn't use it correctly?

 This is painting we saw at one of the train station.

 Around Paris, there are just so many nice scenic river views.

 This M is for Metro station but somehow the color reminds me of McDonald's.

 Here's where you can rent an Ferrari car for 89 Eur. I think it's 20 mins drive or something like that.. Pretty cool for those that wants such experience.

 This type of tricycles are pretty common at some areas and it feels like a small "taxi".

 More garden with nice flowers. There are like small gardens almost at most sight seeing places.

 I wonder what kind of fruits is this.

 Some of the bridge "pillars" had such complicated engravings.