♥ Ru on Friday, June 14, 2013

Paris Day 5 - Notre Dame de Paris

 As Notre Dame de Paris is one of the famous sight seeing place, where the central of Paris is, among the islands.

 I like the fine architectural design of the building. It looks refined and hard to construct.

 Every single window of the building, especially those at my eye level, looks like this, with a slightly different design but the concept is pretty much the same.

 There's also the miniature version of the church for display within itself.

 This is one church that's free to visit and had lots of such candles that allow it's visitors to light up, in exchange for a small token of Eur $2 - 5 depending on the size of the candle.

 We happened to visit the area while they are having a session where probably the priest is giving speech.

Wherever, the sight of buildings are nice and beautiful, we notice Chinese couples taking wedding photos in the area. From self taking to those taken by professional photographer, depending on their budget of course. But it's really amazing that I had not once seen a local couple or one that looked like their locals taking such photos though.

 At the bottom of the church, there's a Crypte Archeologioue area where we will need to pay to visit, preserving ruins like areas similar to those we seen in the streets of Rome - Italy. 

Here's the horse statue near the church..

I'd say that this place is truly worth your effort visiting at least once in a lifetime.

 Mairie de Paris - where we met a chinese that helped us take photo in exchange of me taking his photo of the same.

I'd say, i kind of missed the blue sky there as there's none here in Singapore most of the time. Thanks to the hot weather and humility, our skies are always full of clouds.