♥ Ru on Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Paris Day 5 - Statue of Liberty Replica

After seeing our Eiffel Tower guide pointing out to us about the Paris had a Statue of Liberty too, we decided to hunt for it so that we can take a photo with it for Sake Keeping. Well of course, knowing that the real one is in New York, this is merely a replica facing the direction of her big sister (the one in New York) in respect.

 Thanks to the clear weather, we got a nice view of the statue. Here's the back view as it's quite hard for me to nice a super nice front view with my camera. As in front of the statue, is the river.

Here's the text on the book on her hand which I took using the zoom feature of my tiny compact camera haha.. The 1789 year of the French Revolution.

 Had to use the zoom feature to capture her front view so it's impossible to take a very nice photo of her face  and our faces together at this side and the next possible point is a bridge that seems pretty far away so I decided not to walk over.