♥ Ru on Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Trip to Mint Toy Museum

Mint Museum of Toys
 I actually visited the Mint Museum of Toys on National Day this year but didn't upload those photos until now :X. I'd say that it's more worth the money to visit on that day as there's almost 50% discount due to national day sale :P. On top of that, we finished touring the place in within a few hours. The mint shop is right next to the entrance of the museum.

The address of the Mint Toy Museum is "26 Seah Street, Singapore 188382" and I'd say that the building is pretty easy to miss as it's a part of a shop house street.
Image from www.emint.com, the official website of the museum 

The directory is actually located next to the lift. So I took the lift to 5th floor then walk down. :)

There are lots of robot toys variation and it's pretty amazing that there's a USD $15K robot. Quite a few comes with price tag but probably just to let us know the estimated value and not so much of putting them up for sale.

I think this one is the Astro boy the cartoon character of the good old times.. Looks kind of familar but didn't recall watching it though.

I like this one as it reminds me of the uncle in my primary school that put up a stop sign to control the traffic and always say "Walk Walk Walk" in chinese and dialet.

The Flint Stone on the Dino as usual :)

The little girl is so cute :)

Didn't know what's this but the thumb protector is cute

Tin Tin!
There's a big figure of tin tin and lots of small tin tin toys... It still reminds me of my ex-colleague whom we always link with this character 

Popeye the sailor man
It's just so classic. I still remember the times where we used to play the popeye computer games.. which didn't seem to be available anymore these days.

This Batman and Robin toy is so unique!

Ready, get set, go!!
Haha.. doesn't it remind us of bike racing, especially with the way they arrange these toys?

And that's me posing with the felix the cat

I wonder if Darlie toothpaste originated from this...

Snow white and the 7 dwarfs

These posters must be antiques now..
I didn't recall seeing these posters before... Especially that "the Sword in the Stone" cartoon.

This weighing machine is really antique, haven't seen it around for ages. It used to be around many shopping malls very long time ago when I was still a kid.