♥ Ru on Sunday, June 8, 2014

London Bridge vs Tower Bridge

Now that I am back in Singapore, I am going to slowly upload my photos of my trips into my blog. :)

On the first day of my London trip, I went to visit the well known London bridge in the nursery rhyme: "London Bridge is Falling Down". What I actually saw is the new London bridge as the original one had already been taken down. (See wiki post for more info)

Side View of London Bridge
The nicer looking bridge that you might had seen in various tv shows is actually the London Tower Bridge which has 2 main towers at the side. The bottom of the bridge can be opened when a big ship is passing through.

We didn't have the time and patience to wait for that to happen so here's the photo from Wikipedia. It does looks like at night it'll be a lot prettier.. Too bad we went in summer and at night means it's going to be at least 11pm or later to get this sort of view..

Photo obtained from Wikipedia by Kashif.h
 There's also an Navy Ship on display between the London Bridge and the Tower Bridge.

That's us posing with the prettier tower bridge
There's also "The London Bridge Experience" place near the London Bridge area. From the attire of the people giving out leaflets, I think it looks like some scary experience place which is under the category that I no longer feel like visiting.

Here's more photos on the tower bridge and in that area I took for your viewing :)
This is the landmark near the new London bridge
This is the overview of the area
This is the normal photo
Taken with Miniature effect
Taken with HDR painting effect
Taken with Toy Camera effect
This is the full bridge view