♥ Ru on Monday, June 23, 2014

Stonehenge @ London Vicinity

Stonehenge is a place near London where we would want to go since we had already taken a flight all the way to London. Missing this out will feel like not visiting the country at all. I really does look like the Microsoft Windows default wallpaper that I had seen. There's only limited number of people that can go into the centre of Stonehenge and only during the period that it's closed to other visitors. Kind of like a private tour package. As the price is on the high side and the timing is either very early or late, we decided not to join it.

There's a board which shares on why Stonehenge was built there...

This is the slow moving tram to bring us to the exact location where we can have a 360 degrees view of the Stonehenge. We took the bus as our guide recommended it because it'll be much faster. On the way back, we decided to try the tram just for the experience. :)

The entry ticket for this one is also a wristband.

Haha.. another one of self taken photo with the Stonehenge. I wonder if I had a very tough to use camera that requires a lot of practice because this is actually the best looking photo although we managed to get other visitors to help us take some too. It's more of a I take for them and they take for me thing.

There's sheep at the Stonehenge vicinity, pretty much on a nearby grassland where we can see and take photo but not exactly at the actual site because since they are controlling the number of humans going very near the Stonehenge, probably sheep counts too. The idea of controlling the traffic to the middle of Stonehenge is to be able to preserve it for a much longer period of time.

This is a glimpse of roughly how many people are in the Stonehenge area and it's only part of the 360 degrees circle. Everywhere there's people so luckily, we visited on a weekday. :P This is based on the lessons learned during my Taiwan sight seeing trip few years back. Not too sure if it's the audio guide or our actual guide that told us that the center of the Stonehenge is also kind of like a burial ground where there are like around 400 odd bodies found in there. Not sure if they are still there though.

Well although audio guide is included in our package, I didn't quite like listening to it anyway. Some of the facts are interesting but certain parts of it makes me feel like going to sleep haha.

A zoomed in view of how some of the stone structure looks like. It's pretty high which is why it's amazing how the ancient people built it.

This is one of the few standing stones outside of the Stonehenge circle. The covered area behind it are other smaller stones that are closed for maintenance.

I bought this at the cafeteria place at the Stonehenge entry point as standby food just in case I was hungry on the way back to our hotel in London. I'd say that it's really very tasty and is a must try item in London. If you were there at Stonehenge, it's a food not to be missed.

Here's more photos of the Stonehenge...